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>Back on the (diet) wagon again!This week saw us having visitors for a few days and therefore meals out and no structured exercise for me, although I did manage to fit in a few walks. I stayed the same weight wise, but I’m happy with that, it could have been a lot worse considering the night before weigh in I was munching on a curry and naan bread!

I’m finding weight watchers pretty easy to stick to and thanks to the weekly points you’re allowed on top of your daily points these days it meant I could enjoy that curry and even a naan bread (well half a naan in my case as the man makes me share!). I found a few gorgeous recipes on the weight watchers site to try this week, the chicken in creamy tarragon sauce being particularly gorgeous and not what you imagine “diet food” to be like at all! My diet/healthy recipe linky continues to provide lots of inspiration, with new recipes added all the time. I quite fancy the oven baked scotch eggs, sausage and potato casserole, chicken and bacon parcels and the carbonara myself, none of which sound particularly diet friendly but have been adapted to make them that bit more healthy yet not lacking in flavour! Make sure you link up your favourite recipes, whether from your blog or ones you’ve seen online and check out what’s been added this week too!

I weigh in on a friday, perfectly timed as it was my daughters birthday yesterday so we treated ourselves to a McDonald’s after we’d been out for birthday with her friend, not to mention the huge cake I made which was filled and covered by every type of white chocolate frosting you can imagine. Of course I had a piece and will no doubt have another one today before I get the wii fit out and (hopefully) exercise those extra calories back off again before next friday when I weigh in again.

Talking of weighing in, remember my competition to win some rather flash fitbit scales and an activity monitor, it’s an absolutely brilliant prize, worth a few pence under £150! I’d love the scales and activity monitor myself if it wasn’t for hosting the competition, they do so much and even remember you when you step on the scales, sending your weigh in results wirelessly to your computer or phone – I want them! I quite fancy getting a pedometer/fitness tracker actually just to see how many steps I do a day. I don’t really seem to do many, although I’m sure I probably do a few more than I think chasing the little one around trying to stop him destroying everything in his path, but I’d love to see how many I really do and then maybe challenge myself to increase that amount, even if only by a few steps each day to up my fitness level and get that little bit more exercise every day – every little helps as they say!

And while I’m rambling on about competitions head over to 7hippopotamus for a great giveaway of a book that will appeal to anyone who is losing or has lost weight themselves – I’m just about to enter myself!


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      Mum Reinvented says

      No problem, I saw it just as I was writing my post this morning and thought it was a great read for anyone trying to lose weight! Have a good week! x

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    I have a feeling this next week will be similar as it’s my 30th next weekend and the weekend will be a pig out with friends. I keep forgetting I have the Wii Fit – really do need to dust it off and have a go! Good luck with this week… onwards and downwards!! :) xx

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    I hope you enjoyed your piece of cake…. I don’t worry about the occasional treat… I weighed in this morning then had a kids party. a hot chocolate with cream & mallows, fried chips & a baguette later I decided to sod the diet for a day, 1 day isn’t going to hurt & WW allows for things like that! :D

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