The cutting edge of potty training



This is the iPotty recently unveiled in Vegas. It’s described as “a toilet-training device for digitally connected kids” Is it just me or is this the digital age gone mad?

I don’t even think the design is what bothers me (it looks like a nice high end potty if truth be told) it’s the age at which it implies it’s suitable for a child to use a tablet computer. Considering most parents start potty training their children between 2 and 3 years of age, it would mean that children of this age are using them already or would be encouraged to use them to make them get on the potty.

Maybe I’m behind the times and all babies should get presented with a tablet on their first birthday, ready for such potty training instances in future, but surely 2 or 3 is a little young to use one? My daughter bought herself a tablet with her birthday and christmas money aged ten and even then I thought that was a little young. At almost eleven she now has a second hand netbook to help her with her homework. Yes she’s used my computer for school work in the past and I know children use computers in primary school these days, unlike when I was at primary school and all we had were blackboards and exercise books, but school work is different to recreational use. What does a pre schooler need to do on a computer anyway, update their facebook profile while having a pee? Or maybe a game of angry birds while having a poo? Really?

It’s probably no worse than letting my one year old son watch Baby Jake, his favourite tv programme and I know kids need to be entertained while you’re driving/cleaning/cooking etc. But what happened to “normal” toys and books? Am I in that much of a time warp to want to avoid the digital world where my kids are concerned, at least until they start school? Maybe it’s a bizarre thing for a blogger of all people to say, but playing, having fun running around outside and encouraging the kids to be more active is higher on my agenda than them using a tablet at the age of just two!

Am I the only one that feels this way? Or am I really an outdated old hag that needs to get with the times and buy the baby a tablet as a belated birthday present?


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    I did a post on children and technology a couple of weeks ago. My son has been using a computer and I pad since he was 3 and an I phone since he was about 18 months! He only ever gets it as a treat and doesn’t own his own! We are considering buying him his own tablet for his 5th birthday though as I think there are lots of apps to assist his learning. If he does get one though it will be well supervised and not something he will be able to play on all of the time. Technology is ever increasing in use and I think its something we just have to embrace and accept. For the record I do think the potty with I pad is going a bit far!

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