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The Nosey Bloggers Christmas Tree Linky

Cass from The Diary of a Frugal Family is rather nosey and loves looking at other peoples Christmas trees and has started a bit of a tradition in that she asks other bloggers for a peek at their trees every year. I must admit I love looking through peoples windows at Christmas trees and decorations too but with a 10 year old eager to decorate the tree by herself as well as choosing the decorations for it and a baby who has tried to climb up the tree on more than one occasion I fear that my tree will never be the sophisticated masterpiece I long for it to be.

Christmas tree

It’s a terrible photo but it’s kind of a red and silver mash up of baubles, chocolates and glittery stuff that the 10 year old threw at the tree, along with some snowflake and flashing lights, which were then sabotaged by the baby! I’m beginning to wonder whether doing a Monica in Friends might be an idea, letting the kids decorate one side of the tree and me decorating the other which will be utterly pristine, draped in expensive ornaments and absolutely gorgeous while their side is a mish mash of everything they love but then it wouldn’t quite be Christmas if it wasn’t!

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3 Responses

  1. michelle twin mum says

    Lol, I have 2 trees as I went a bit Monica this year but going backto good old mis-match next year.

    Fab, Happy Christmas, Mich x

    • Mum Reinvented says

      You too Mich x

  2. Steph Love All Blogs / imcountingufoz says

    Cool tree! And cool linky, I might take part myself!

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