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Meal Planning Monday

Last weeks food went down a storm, despite it being “diet” food. The only things that were a flop were the desserts. I love Slimming World food but am yet to find a dessert other than rice pudding that I love! This week I’m hoping for more of the same, delicious home made diet friendly food that doesn’t break the bank.


Cajun chicken pasta


Chicken stuffed with mozarella and wrapped in bacon with white wine sauce


Steak with jacket potatoes and pepperonata (recipe for pepperonata coming up this week)


Cheesy pork chops with mash


We’re either ordering a curry or I’ll make one. I’ll go for a tikka so I can save on calories rather than having a curry with a creamy sauce.


Chilli Skins


Roast chicken

I’m also making some diet friendly quiche and chilli and tomato soup (recipes both to follow this week) for lunches and some rice pudding for dessert.

If you fancy taking a peek at some more meal plans this week head over to At Home With Mrs M for the linky

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5 Responses

  1. Lauren - Big Eejit says

    I have bookmarked the cajun chicken pasta recipe! I like SW recipes, even though I don’t follow it as a diet (I’m a Rosemary Conley gal) they are so easy and delicious and good for you!

    • Mum Reinvented says

      The cajun chicken one is gorgeous actually! So creamy it really doesn’t taste “diet” at all!

  2. Natasha McMurdock says

    All of that sounds gorgeous! Can I come and stay? Hehe.

    Very interested in what pepperonata is.

    • Mum Reinvented says

      Ha ha you can indeed ;-) Pepperonata is coming up on the blog in the morning actually so keep your eyes peeled!

  3. theminimesandme says

    Cheesy chops… drool! :)
    Have a great week x

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