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When I first started blogging one of the first people to befriend me was Very Bored in Catalunya who writes a fantastic blog (and a brutally honest and sometimes hysterically funny one at that!)  about her life in Catalonia. I loved reading her posts on life in another country and when it became apparent that I too would become an expat it was her blog I turned to for information on  living in Spain.

Over the year or so I have been blogging I’ve found a few blogs by UK expats living abroad, like A note from Lapland, some by expats from other countries living in the UK or abroad, like Vegemite Vix and some, like It’s a small world after all which documents a family’s adventures during a round the world trip. All of which have me both empathising with them over certain predicaments or dreaming about the places they detail in their blogs.

I haven’t got nearly enough expat blogs on my blogroll and I’d love to find more, so I thought what better way to find them than to hold a carnival to give people the opportunity to link to their blogs and hopefully get some new readers too.

The rules are there are no rules, just link up your home page url to the Mr Linky widget below and that’s it. In the future I may well run the carnival as a regular monthly feature and request posts on specific topics (suggestions and opinions on that idea please!) such as education abroad, favourite places to visit etc.

Thanks for linking up and please tell all your expat blogger friends!

Please note to see the entries you have to click on the Mr Linky widget, unfortunately they don’t display automatically but they’re all still there! I will however add all links added to the carnival below as they are added:

Potty Mummy

The Rare Bit

Vegemite Vix

Bibsey Mama

Foodie Mummy

A matter of choice


Globetrotting in Heels

Circus Queen

Momma on the Rocks



Very Bored in Catalunya

A Scandinavian Sojourn

Que Sera Sarah?

Eabee likes

4 Kids, 20 Suitcases and a Beagle

New Day New Lesson

Missy Mom in Madrid

Smiling like sunshine

Further South of Granada

Transatlantic Blonde

Expat Mum

21st Century Mummy


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  1. Iota says:

    Oh, there are lots of us out here! If you click on the green and orange “expat blog” badge at the bottom of my blog sidebar, it will take you to a site which you can browse by expat location. Worth a look.

    Also, there’s recently been an expat carnival at Happy Homemaker UK (my latest post has a link) and that will give you some more to browse.

  2. ebabee likes says:

    I love meeting expats, it’s a great idea. I’m an Indian living in the UK. But I don’t blog about being an Indian living in the UK, I blog about something completely unrelated. Do I still count? I would love to link up at your future carnivals if I do.

    • Mum in Malta says:

      Hi Susie, thanks for entering. You are on there, the Mr Linky thing doesn’t seem to like wordpress so you have to click through to get to the entries, but I’ve updated the blog post with links to everyone’s entries so they can be seen from the original post now too.

    • Mum in Malta says:

      Hi Tina, thanks for joining in! Look forward to reading your blog! I never got to visit Madrid when I lived in Spain but we get pretty cheap flights from Malta so I’m hoping to visit one day soon, looks like an amazing city – I fancy going to the huge market there, can’t remember it’s name though

  3. Isil says:

    I am a Turkish mum living in UK since 2006. I don’t blog about being an expat altough I sometimes write about related things. Thx for setting this up :)

  4. Alison says:

    What a nice way to find expats in other locations! As an American in the Netherlands, I’ve got a list of expats in the Netherlands (which I need to update), but I’ve started to look for others living in different places. It’s always so interesting to see the little — or big — cultural differences and similarities.

  5. MsXpat says:

    HI! What a brilliant idea! Coming from Trinidad the island of Carnival, I love all this festive and fun that allows people share about their lives, culture, heritage etc. I live in the UK with my 7 months old son and husband.

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