The 2 S’s for the Perfect Wedding

The 2 S’s for the Perfect Wedding

Sometimes it’s easy to feel like the organisation and planning of your perfect wedding would be a colossal task. It seems as if there are a million and one tasks to get in order, and this, on top of balancing your everyday life, might seem overwhelming. However, by breaking things down to the basics, you will realise that with the essentials planned well, the peripheral worries will fade away. Consider the below advice, and how once you’ve considered the 2 S’s, your wedding may seem less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone involved.


Without question, you want photographs for your wedding, and the difference between OK photos, good photos, and great photos can have an effect on how your memories are showcased to look at for years to come. Hiring a quality wedding photographer that cares about highlighting everything amazing about the wedding, and of course, you and your husband, can offer you a lifetime of nostalgia.

Additionally, you will want to consider party favours for your guests to keep as blissful keepsakes from the wedding, and adding an air of romanticism to the venue and ceremony. Have photos of your relationship, with key milestones highlighted and on display. Consider thoughtful gifts for you to give to your wedding party. When looking for a venue, you should also think about places full of charming memories of your relationship before marriage – if there’s a country or beach you love, consider having the wedding there.


The first place (and usually most difficult to book) is the location of your big day. The UK alone has a plethora of beautiful, traditional landscapes that can help create that fairytale backdrop that is essential to adding extra magic to your day. Although you’ll want a venue that is of easy access and meaningful, here are three examples of amazing wedding locations the UK has to offer:

1. Cornwall

Rugged cliffs, sparkling blue sea, some of the greenest countryside in England, Cornwall is one of the more fantastical wedding locations in the UK. For those looking for the magical element to their scenery, Cornwall is also renowned for its beautiful vistas, coastline, and sunny weather. If you’re a fan of the seaside, then you have a lot to consider. You should also consider scoping out castles, country houses and barns.

2. Cumbria

Don’t fancy the coastline? Cumbria is host to some of the most breath-taking countryside in England. It’s tucked deep into the North of England and is home to Lake Windermere, an iconic location and certainly one of England’s top contenders for wedding locations. At the heart of the peak district, Cumbria encompasses all things British when it comes to the natural beauty of the country’s landscape. Ideal for weddings where you want to wrap up warm and host an intimate ceremony.

3. Kent

Kent dates back as early as 5th Century AD, one of the older settlements in the UK. It definitely has traditional heritage, with both Leeds Castle and Dover Castle falling within its boundaries, not to mention Canterbury Cathedral. If you want to go back in time and have a horse-drawn carriage-style wedding, Kent is certainly the perfect place to live out that ambition!

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