12 Clever Closet Organization Ideas

12 Clever Closet Organization Ideas

The days of being envious of the beautiful places your friends hang their clothes are gone. You are about to get a beautiful place to hang your clothes. A tidy, beautiful closet is always a way to have stylish clothes put together and easily accessible at a moment’s notice. Whether you have a huge walk-in closet or a tiny closet, make the most of your bedroom closet. How? This can be accomplished by having a bedroom closet with organizational tricks, clever storage areas, and a creative design. Below are some tips to organize your closet into to a beautiful one:

1.  Create a Color Code for Your Closet

An easy way to upgrade your closet is by organizing clothes by color. Trust us, this works with any size closet. Hang clothes or fold them. It doesn’t matter. You can group colors together such as grays and blues. This will help you locate your clothes easier.

2. Add Some Cubbies Holes to Your Closet

Source: Eat Sleep Decorate

Another way to use space is by using hangers and adding cubbies holes. These cubbies are great for folded clothes like pants, skirts and sweaters. You can separate them by compartments according to season, style or color.

3. Turn that Useless Room into a Walk-in Closet

Source: 47 Park Avenue

Have you ever wanted a walk-in closet? Do you have a room you don’t use?  It’s time to turn that small room into a walk-in closet. Add shelves and hanging rods into the room. Decorate to show off your personal style like adding a large armoire in the room. A large armoire or any additional drawers will add space and a flat surface. You can use the flat surface for other necessities like jewelry.

4. Use a Pegboard in the Closet

Source: Slippers by Day

For extra space, place a pegboard on the back wall of a closet. This allows you to hang needed items in the closet like hats and scarves. Pegboards are a great way to use every part of the closet.

5. Make the Little Details the Most Important

Source: Style by Emily Henderson

Matching hangers and plastic bins labeled with pictures are all small touches to help you organize your closet.  For example, you can place shoes in bins for extra space.

6. Put Up Some Hanging Knobs in Your Closet

Source: Dwell Beautiful

For more space in the closet, add some hanging knobs on the wall. These are similar to pegboards because they allow you to use every space in the closet. Hanging knobs give your closet a more inviting, casual vibe. You can add to the causal, homier closet by adding a small rug and a chair.

7. Add Additional Shelving to a Closet

Source: Apartment 34

Shelves are one more way to maximize storage space in a closet. It eliminates any room left when hanging clothes. Use a lot of shelves to for clothing storage whether it is rows of jeans or sweaters.

8. Be Afraid to Drawers as Laundry Baskets

Source: Apartment Therapy

Laundry baskets? Really? Yes, really. Laundry baskets are versatile and inexpensive storage solution. Place folded, clean clothes in the laundry baskets. Keep shoes or handbags in the laundry baskets too.

9. Be Creative and Make a Closet out of a Coat Rack

Source: Avenue Lifestyle

This is for those who don’t want to separate closet space. Instead of using shelves and other things to separate a closet, use coat racks instead. Hang clothes on the coat rack to display your most expensive and/or attractive clothes. Place shoes underneath the coat rack to display your them. Coat racks won’t crowd a space. It will create a cool vibe.

10.  Create Multi-Hanging Closet Levels

Source: Organizing Made Fun

Use a pole or shelving to separate a closet into two spaces. A closet with two tiers won’t waste any vertical space.

11. Incorporate a Vanity Nook in the Closet

Source: View Along the Way

Use a small area in the closet for a vanity nook. This is where you can store your jewelry and handbags.

12. Make a His and Hers Closet

Source: Remodelaholic

Create enough space for two closets: his and hers using shelving. This is a great way for people to have a closet without losing space.

Making small changes to your closet makes a huge difference to your well-being and organization. You have enough space to use regardless of the limited amount of space. Just decide how you want to separate the space.

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