Posted on November 28, 2015

3 Baby Products That You Should Be Spending Your Money On


Having a baby is a life-changing and magical time in your life. But this little person is going to need stuff and a lot of it. With constant recommendations and hundreds of products, it can be hard to know what to spend your money on. When it comes to baby gear, everyone will have their favourites but what works for you may not work for someone else. But there are some things that you absolutely must have for your baby. Here’s a list of 3 essential baby products you will definitely require when your baby gets here. Read more

Posted on November 27, 2015

Christmas Reads, Days Out and Father Christmas #littleloves

Popeye Village

It’s Friday so that means it’s time for #littleloves and boy have I needed to see the positives this week! I’ve been solo parenting for 4 days thanks to the man working away all while being in excruciating pain with an exposed nerve on a broken wisdom tooth. How on earth does something as small as a tooth cause so much pain? I’d rather stick my hand in a blender than have to deal with it again! Thank god for mega strong painkillers that’s all I’m gonna say!

Anyway enough of my whining and on to my #littleloves: Read more

Posted on November 27, 2015

Beautiful Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love


I love updating my decor at home. Even if I’m just adding a few little touches to give it a little more personality of character! When it comes to my bathroom, though, I can get a little stuck in the clouds. Still, we are all using the room, so it needs to be designed with the family in mind. If you’re about to remodel your bathroom, I have lots of great tips to help you create the bathroom of your dreams: Read more

Posted on November 26, 2015

Incredible Gifts to Inspire


It’s hard to think of things to buy for some people. Too often we fall into the trap of the same old standby favorites. An item of clothing, chocolates, perhaps a piece of jewelry. If it comes down to it, there’s always a bunch of flowers. Not very inspiring. But then it occurred to me to think a little outside the box. Why not give someone you love a gift that is unusual and just a little bit clever? A gift or token can be exchanged for the experience of a lifetime. An experience that just might challenge that person a little and give them something they will never forget. Read more

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