Chicken Pox, Diamonds and PJs #littleloves


It has been another odd few weeks. The little one came down with chicken pox last week so we were pretty much stuck indoors all week. Then just as they appeared to have cleared up, another one appeared on his hand so it was back to being confined to the house. I won’t lie, it […]

All About Me


Following on from yesterday’s post Vogue’s 73 Questions, I thought I’d share a few of my old blog posts (do excuse the formatting, some of them didn’t survive the transfer from Blogger to WordPress then WordPress self hosted very well, not to mention the weirdly small images – oh how things have changed since I […]

Vogue’s 73 Questions


I saw this over on You Baby Me Mummy a while back and thought I’d give it a go myself as I haven’t done any ‘about me’ kind of posts for about 5 years! So here it is, my answers to Vogue’s 73 Questions: 1. What’s your favourite movie? Sweet Home Alabama – girly chick […]

The Last One to be Picked in P.E


Were you the last one to be picked for a team in P.E? I know I was. It started when I was in primary school and remained with me throughout secondary school. I wouldn’t say it has scarred me for life, but it certainly made P.E a miserable time and one that I’d use any […]

3 Years Old

ryan 3 years7

This post is ridiculously overdue considering the little one turned 3 on Christmas Day! I remember worrying that I’d never love another child as much as my daughter when I was pregnant with him, but he literally makes my heart burst every day. He is my perfect little miracle baby and he is just amazing. […]

23 Things You’ll Appreciate as a Mother of Teenage Girls


I don’t know about you but now my eldest has officially become a teenager, she has morphed into a monosyllabic, make up wearing, hormonal grump. There was a bit of a build up, her tweenage years definitely eased me in a bit, but now we are in the full throws of regular hormonal meltdowns. Life […]

The One Where I Vow to Lose Weight – AGAIN!


I don’t know about you but I have pretty much exhausted the ‘I’m still carrying baby weight’ excuse. My first baby is now 13 and her little brother is 3! Every year I say I’m going to lose weight and every time Spring comes around I’m depressed by the fact I’ll spend yet another year […]

A night out, an ironing fairy and cake #LittleLoves


I’m a bit of a one hit wonder. Joined in with #littleloves a few weeks back for the first time and have been meaning to ever since but haven’t got round to it so I was determined I would take a little time out today to appreciate a few of the things we’ve been enjoying […]

Top Four Ways to Make Your Kids More Interested in Gardening This Spring


Springtime is here, and with it we’ll see the growth of new vegetation not only in the wild, but also in home gardens across the UK. Gardening is an excellent hobby for young people to pick up, but sadly it’s one that is mostly enjoyed by the parents and older adults in the household. However, […]

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