Smelly Cat, A New Home and Cuddles #littleloves

coffee and cake

It’s that time of the week again and it’s my first post since my last #littleloves post. I’ve been so ridiculously busy with work (two massive website launches both happening at once – not mine, ‘proper’ work websites) and the move that I haven’t had time to write anything at all. It’s been a good […]

Park Life, Chilling Out and Itchy Feet #littleloves


It’s that time of the week again folks! Read I’m still reading the Red Lily Crown and I’m half way through now. It’s a great story, full of intrigue, lust and history. I’ve also been reading this facebook page about a girl in Oz called Simone who’s lost half her body weight in less than […]

Great TV Shows to Look Forward To


Although the summer holidays are a great time to enjoy being with your family, it’s the autumn season where TV shows really come into their own with some fantastic new series to look forward to. So here’s a quick look ahead to what not to miss! Cooking shows Although they might not be everybody’s first […]

Playground Safety Tips


Now that the summer holidays are upon us, endless days will be spent at local playgrounds, giving our little loves a chance to get some fresh air, whilst burning some of that never ending energy that children seem to possess! Proper adult supervision within the playground is so important, children have difficulty judging distances and […]

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