Easy Baby Shower Ideas


Baby showers are a great way to share the excitement of your growing family with all the people you love. They are a time for fun games, the sharing of gifts and most importantly sharing your pregnancy with all those who will be in their baby’s life. Traditionally only women came to baby showers, but […]

The New You Plan – A Week On


I’ve been reviewing The New You Plan for the past week. You can find out more about my initial thoughts on the plan in my original post A New Me Thanks to The New You Plan? So how did I do? I had a few sneaky weigh ins throughout the week and by day 2 I’d lost […]

Create a family friendly garden 

jamie-oliver-bistro-set (1)

  Product Source Summer’s swiftly approaching and everybody’s gardens are probably looking a little dull, unkempt and neglected after our seemingly never ending winter. Do not fear, as with these tips you can create a fun garden for your children that is also safe and friendly too. That way you’re able to sit back, relax […]

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