Do you have a pension?

Old lady doll with pension money

I do. I actually have two. Although they were linked to previous jobs and I haven’t made alternative arrangements since leaving those jobs. How bad is that!?! Especially considering I’ll get the grand total of about £20 a month from the pair of them. We all know that living on a standard pension is pretty […]

The Terrible Threes


Forget about the terrible twos. They’re practically joyous compared to the demonic being your cute toddler morphs into at the age of three! If you’re thinking you have it easy with that gorgeous cheeky little two year old, just you wait! Lulled into a false sense of security if your little one seems to bypass […]

Potty Training

Potty Training

One of the things most dreaded when you have a little one is potty training. I must admit when I had my daughter 13 years ago I didn’t have much of a hand in her potty training. I worked full time and she was potty trained by my mum and her nursery. She just seemed […]

Life Insurance for New Parents


A new baby is a time for excitement and celebration (often accompanied by sleepless night and endless nappy changes of course!). But in all that excitement it’s often easy to forget that as your family grows so do your responsibilities. This tiny little person now depends upon you for everything from keeping them safe to […]

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