Posted on February 11, 2016

The live saving properties of soap: how improved hygiene is making a difference in Niger

water dripping

Soap and good sanitation facilities are things we tend to take for granted in the UK. While you might have plenty of problems to keep you awake at night, the chances are a lack of soap or clean running water isn’t one of them. However, for many families around the world, poor sanitation is a major issue. In fact, diarrhoeal diseases associated with unsafe water and a lack of basic hygiene kill around 1,400 children globally each day. Per year, this translates to over half a million.

A range of projects are underway to address this problem though, and by doing something as simple as sending charity e-cards via Oxfam, you could do your bit to contribute to the cause. Here, we take a look at how a campaign being run by the charity is helping to improve hygiene in Niger. Read more

Posted on February 11, 2016

How to Avoid Cheating on Your Diet

Dieting & Exercise/ Slimming World

I’m on Slimming World at the moment and I don’t know about you but I often struggle not to cheat when I’m on a diet. When the kids are having something different for dinner, or they ask me for a treat, or even when I’m sat watching tv it’s hard not to reach for the chocolate. There are a few things I do though to replace that craving with something else:  Read more

Posted on February 10, 2016

Best Ways to Own Your Own Home

gingerbread house

It’s no secret that owning your own home is more difficult than ever. The simple idea that you bought a house with a single salary mortgage of 100% has probably gone for good. These days you are more likely to need nearly two salaries and a deposit of 20% to even get started. And then you have to find a home, battling it out with tens if not hundreds of people in the same position. And still property prices rise and don’t look like slowing down or stopping anytime soon. Can you still afford that house? A tentative yes, but you are going to have to be smart. Here are the options. Read more

Posted on February 10, 2016

A Sunday Afternoon Exploring

Family/ Lifestyle

In an effort to walk more (gotta get my exercise in being on Slimming World after all) and explore the area around our new home (does six months still count as new?) we headed out at the weekend to a pretty walled garden not far from here.

Armed with my new camera, we wrapped up warm and drove a few miles down the road, arriving only half an hour before it closed (damn those irritatingly early winter closing times!). With no time to waste we headed into the gardens and after discovering that I really am a horrendous photographer, no matter how flash my new camera is, I handed it over to the teen and she took a series of gorgeous snaps. Read more

Posted on February 9, 2016

3 Steps to Improving Health and Safety in the Workplace

woman at work

Especially if you combine running a business with bringing up a family, you might often feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. As well as making sure everything’s running smoothly at home, you have to keep on top of all your tasks at work – and one issue that no boss can afford to ignore is safety. Dangers can lurk in even the most seemingly safe working environments, so regardless of the type of organisation you run, you’ll need to take steps to keep workers out of harm’s way. Here, we take a look at three measures all managers should adopt to help reduce risks in their workplaces. Read more

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